Our Story

drink different

But so much focused on helping you to build a healthy lifestyle,

Hilde is from Belgium, Gent, and i am from France, west coast baby ! We met in Katmandu, Nepal, and both of us have been travelling quite a bit, enjoying local’s lifestyle wherever we go.

We love food, good tasting food, and we love tea, chai, herbals, fruits, spices…

Our respective cultures, our travel experiences, and the place we live in now, Ardèche in the south of France, produced a sweet blend of herbs, teas, tastes and aromas that you’ll find in our recipes.

We use organic ingredients only for our blends, as much local as possible for the herbals, and we took inspiration from ayurveda for our wellness range.

We do our very best to share what we know the best from nature, in order to provide delicious and healthy drinks for our customers !

You can find us in december in Gent for the Gentsewinterfeesten on St Baafsplein in front of the NTG, from december 6th to january 5th, and also in Leuvense Kerstmarkt on Ladeuzeplein from december 11th till the 22nd.

We’ll update in January our 2020 agenda, bio salons, festivals, summer markets and some new projects !

Near Leuven Beachvolley | Lizards, Leuven beachvolley | Locatie, Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
Sint-Baafsplein 9000 Ghent, Belgium